Mark Henning – Jupiter Jive

This one might take a couple listens to get into, even for those who do cream themselves for a bit of minimal. Jupiter Jive disappoints from its failure to recognise what its for; too fast to be classed as tech-ambient and too slow to be an out-an-out club album. A stand out track is hard to pick on the first listen. It’s well produced, and Henning uses some interesting ‘smoke-esque’ reverse delay samples. After a brief opening rant Alamaha913 starts it off with some swing-time tech house, the album then progresses through one trippy affair after another. Some hit some miss; the end of the album builds into a darker affair. Stash is eery, makes the room feel dark like a dirty minimal cave, also benefiting from a stonker of a breakdown. Tracks like moody bastard and I lost my brain at winchout spun 3-4 bpm faster have enough freaky funk to keep a floor moving. It’ll suit Soma fans that like to keep their sets on the minimal house side out things.

Image from Mark Henning – MySpace


~ by electronicedinburgh on June 25, 2008.

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