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It’s that discernible time of year; Student’s lounging around, suitably impressed with themselves about finishing that arduous dissertation that ‘took over a weeks research’. The May sun glows like a beacon, lifting our hopes for a summer worth being in Scotland. And all those that fit into the ‘key demographic’ (that is, us 18-30’s) will be looking for things to reward ourselves with.

This week has enough talent to justify any electronica fan. A solid built-up before the festival months of June, July and August. Edinburgh’s Polish contingent have put together ‘Minimalism’ at the Bongo Club on Thursday. DJ’s include Pagowsky, Adam O and headliner Siasia. Siasia is fast becoming Poland’s major techno export, his past concentrations have taken him across eastern Europe. Now he’s taken time to gig in Edinburgh. This being his only tour date west of the Czech Republic for the foreseeable future.

Friday has a corker for anyone who loves a party, not club, atmosphere. ‘Club for Heroes’ at the Wee Red Bar, invites weegie dance floor specialist Hushpuppy to take the controls for a night. House, techno, electro and overall disco typify these affairs, the ‘bar’ (barely) size makes it a firm favourite for those who lust for a bit of intimacy with their DJ’s.

Onwards and upwards. The weekend also has some high-fliers across the city. ‘Sugarbeat’ at Cabaret Voltaire will be chopping up beats from here, there and everywhere to borrow the old cliche. Recently ranked no.1 breaks DJ’s in the world (, the Stanton Warriors are sure to be well received. The two London boys are currently keeping an impressive dj-ing schedule, which takes them across Europe and includes Global gathering, Glade, and Glastonbury. Be sure to not miss, they won’t be back up north until August.

If the Warriors have run out of tickets (not unlikely), and its a hearty dance your after, Friday also has ‘Xplicit’ to wet your  appetite. Edinburgh’s Drum’n’breaks scene has been indebted to Xplicit for many years, each month they provide artists such as Pendulum, DJ Fresh, Grooverider and Fabio to name drop a few. But this week its the residents who will be ripping up records, slicing up samples and laying down some phat (with a ph) beats for Edinburgh to dutifully cut dance floor shapes to.

And finally, JD Twitch and JG Wilkes are back once more just to prove they don’t have a weegie bias. In fact, since the move to Cabaret Voltaire last month, ‘Optimo’ is set to keep Edinburgh as a monthly date. Optimo typifies cross-genre mixing; rock flows from techno, which flows from pop to electro into dubstep into breaks into ska into… you get the point. It’s this diversity that keeps the night so popular, and this saturday will be no exception.

This week’s top tip – Stanton Warriors @ Cabaret Voltaire.

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~ by electronicedinburgh on May 29, 2008.

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